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The Fake Review Challenge

On December 23rd TripAdvisor was fined 500,000 Euro by the Italian Watchdog for not being able to filter fake reviews. TripAdvisor Warning posted 6 Fake Reviews that were requested by the Italian Watchdog… ALL 6 were approved and posted on TripAdvisor – That is a 100% success rate read more HERE


TripAdvisor Fake Review Showdown


TripAdvisor ignores the huge problem they have dealing with fake reviews, here are some quotes from TripAdvisor about the ( non existing ) problem


Herr Stephen Kaufer had the following to say about Fake Reviews 


  • Some people may not be aware of just how extensive and sophisticated our fraud detection systems are. The legitimacy of the reviews on TripAdvisor is a fundamental part of our value and, ultimately, our success…
  • … we know occasionally some people will attempt to manipulate our system so our fraud detection efforts are an absolute priority.
  • … we use evolving and highly sophisticated fraud detection filters, which scan the reviews. Anything suspicious is then flagged for inspection by our dedicated fraud detection team, who investigate fully, drawing upon their expertise in credit card fraud, identity theft, and loss prevention.
  • … there is little room to hide for anyone attempting to circumvent the systems we have in place.

article can be seen here



TripAdvisor’s office monkey Kevin Carter reckons the following


  •  … TripAdvisor has a zero tolerance policy for fraud and has sophisticated tools for detecting it…
  • … We take the authenticity of our reviews very seriously and have numerous methods to manage the legitimacy of the content on TripAdvisor, including automated screening tools that are constantly upgraded…
  • … A team of quality assurance specialists investigates suspicious reviews which are flagged by our proprietary tools…


TripAdvisor’s spokes monkey Jean Ow-Yeong said the following on Nov 8th 2013:


  • … TripAdvisor has used sophisticated filters and behavioural modelling [ WOW!!!  behavioural modelling,  A NEW one.. ]
  • … Our large and passionate community of 260 million monthly visitors let us know if they see something amiss.
  • TripAdvisor has “a world-class international team of specialists that spends 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making sure our reviews are real


There you have just a few examples of TripAdvisor NOT acknowledging they have a HUGE problem with FAKE Reviews….



What We have to say about Fake Reviews on TripAdvisor


We, T.A.W claim that posting fake reviews on TripAdvisor is as easy as 123, so easy actually that we GUARANTEE our reviews get posted, if they don’t get posted the client does not pay..  92+ percent of all our reviews get approved and posted on TripAdvisor 70% of these reviews get posted within 24 hours.



So the Question Is…


Who is telling the truth?.. Is it really that difficult to get a fake review past TripAdvisor, or is it as easy as we claim.. Or in other words, is TripAvisor full of shit or are we full of shit? …

We believe there is only ONE way to find out…  TEST each other..



tripadvisor review challenge

The Fake Review Challenge


We publicly challenge TripAdvisor to a “Fake Review Showdown”  We will post 10 completely random Fake Reviews, and see how many get approved and posted on TripAdvisor.

We will gladly work with the media to supply us with 10 random establishments to post reviews, and we will “record” all the steps we take to get the reviews posted.

TripAdvisor, stop just walking the walk, step up to the plate and allow us to show you just how easy it is to post fake reviews and use your site to destroy reputations and livelihoods..

TripAdvisor, this is YOUR chance to make a fool of us…


Can you REALLY stop Fake Reviews TripAdvisor? Prove it and make a fool of us..