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Oscars the fake Restaurant and Reviews listed on TripAdvisor


A new seafood restaurant in the glass bottomed hull of an old fishing boat amid reefs and shipwrecks in Brixham, Devon, UK. A restaurant where divers would take your order and while you wait, they would go out and catch your dinner… Far fetched??  HAHAHA.. YEAH!! – But there is always a sucker that falls for this stuff, and YES the sucker was  ( in their words ) the travel site you can trust… TripAdvisor!! – And to make things worse ( in their words ) the Reviews you can trust were ALL FAKE, all 10 of them.. 



Businessman sets up fake restaurant to expose failings of TripAdvisor website.


Oscars Fake Resturant


A businessman set up a fake restaurant with glowing reviews in a bid to expose the apparent failings of the TripAdvisor website, prompting baffled customers to be led down a backstreet alleyway.

Oscar’s address was listed as New Quay Lane, Brixham

Oscar’s was billed as having “amazing” and “mind blowing” Michelin-stared food, built in the hull of an old fishing boat amid reefs and shipwrecks in Brixham, Devon.

The profile on TripAdvisor claimed staff in diving gear would swim to catch whichever fish the customer desired as part of the service.

Fake reviews dating back three months said Oscar’s – apparently run by a couple called Colette and Alfredo, with food and décor based on the world-famous Spanish restaurant elBulli – said the cooking was “simply divine” and “bordered on sorcery”.

But diners were left disappointed when they arrived at a disused alleyway full of rubbish bins.

Oscar’s creator, who uses the name Oscar Parrot, said he posted the reviews on the site after a friend’s hotel received a barrage of criticism that he suspected was from a rival hotelier.

Mr Parrot said: “There are many businesses that have had grudge reviews listed on TripAdvisor, mostly from a rival.

“Many of these are so blatant, any person doing a short check would see that they are obvious.

“The chances were better then average that Oscar’s could have sailed on for months.”

While bookings flooded in, the profile has since been removed after it was revealed as a hoax.

The fictional venue opened for business on May 1 and was supposedly housed in a restored “phantom class” fishing vessel moored on the quay side.

Its address was listed as New Quay Lane, Brixham, and the page said it even moved location dependent on tide and season, making it even harder to find.

A series of reviews then lavished praise on its food and decor, describing it as “perfect” and “a beautiful restaurant, tastefully fitted out, amazing food and wine”.


One fake entry even wrote: “I am fortunate enough to live in Catalyuna, home to some of the best restaurants in the world. I have dined at both elBulli and El Celler de Can Roca.

“Is Oscar’s as good? No not quite – but as has been mentioned already, there is an unbelievable quality about it.”


In the three months it was online Oscar’s even managed to reach 29th place in the ratings list of 64 eateries in Brixham.


A spokesman for TripAdvisor said: “Upon investigation, as this property doesn’t meet our listing guidelines, the listing has been removed.

“With over 60 pieces of content coming in every minute, occasionally a review or business that does not meet TripAdvisor’s guidelines may slip through the cracks, and in these rare cases, our members can report the material to us, helping maintain the high quality content of our site.”


So, as TripAdvisor themselves put it, it’s very rare that a business slips through the cracks of the TripAdvisor Emporium, so lets just break things down for them.


  1. TripAdvisor approves and posts a completely bogus, highly over the top exaggerated restaurant .
  2. Within 2 months they approve and post TEN!! – highly exaggerated FAKE reviews..
  3. Within 2 months the FAKE Restaurant reaches 29th place in the ratings list of 64 eateries in Brixham, because of the FAKE reviews approved and posted by TripAdvisor.
  4. Someone points out to everyone AND TripAdvisor that Oscars is a FAKE restaurant, and the reviews are all FAKE
  5. 5 TripAdvisor ignores the FAKE Restaurant and FAKE Reviews – [ ‘cos the have sophisticated filters and review specialists ]
  6. A MONTH goes by and a second person confirms the whole thing is FAKE
  7. Again TripAdvisor ignores the whole thing
  8. The media from around the world get in touch with TripAdvisor about the FAKE Restaurant and FAKE Reviews
  9. TripAdvisor and their team of highly qualified Review Specialist decide to investigate the FAKE Restaurant and FAKE Reviews
  10. To everyone’s surprise TripAdvisor found that the non existing completely fake Restaurant didn’t meet TripAdvisor’s guidelines, and posted the following :   Upon investigation, as this property doesn’t meet our listing guidelines, the listing has been removed.


HAHA!!…. SURE you can trust TripAdvisor 


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