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Fake War and Peace reviews on TripAdvisor

Fake War and Peace reviews on TripAdvisor

Here is a quote from Herr Stephen Kaufer he made in back in 2011 [ can be found here ]


Some people may not be aware of just how extensive and sophisticated our fraud detection systems are. The legitimacy of the reviews on TripAdvisor is a fundamental part of our value and, ultimately, our success.

If people weren’t able to gauge an accurate picture of a hotel, B&B or restaurant when they use our site, they would not return. We are not naive; we know occasionally some people will attempt to manipulate our system so our fraud detection efforts are an absolute priority.

To do so, we use evolving and highly sophisticated fraud detection filters, which scan the reviews. Anything suspicious is then flagged for inspection by our dedicated fraud detection team, who investigate fully, drawing upon their expertise in credit card fraud, identity theft, and loss prevention


We cannot argue with Herr Stephen Kaufer about his very top secret fraud detection system, because we have only ever got ONE small glimpse of it in the blockbuster film “The Matrix” But, what we can say, is that no matter how sophisticated the fraud detection systems are, if you don’t know how to use them, they are are pretty much USELESS – It’s a bit like bragging about having a really strong chain, held together by a tie wrap!!



Back in May of this year Mr Oscar Parrot showed the whole world just how useless TripAdvisor REALLY is. He singlehandedly got TripAdvisor to post a completely fake restaurant, followed by not 1 not 2 but 10 glowing fake reviews – In the three months it was online Oscar’s even managed to reach 29th place in the ratings list of 64 eateries in Brixham. Read stories about this TripAdvisor fiasco from around the globe HERE

Red Faced TripAdvisor made the same feeble comment as they always do… This is extremely rare, we have THE state of the art fraud detection system. 


So, there you have it, right from the horses mouth.. or in this case “the owls beak” It was an extremely rare coincidence..


So, what are the chances, what with TripAdvisor’s extremely sophisticated fraud detection system, that Mr Oscar Parrot could post 5 mega 5000 words [ maximum allowed ] fake reviews just copied and pasted straight from War and Peace??… hahahahaha!!


Mr Oscar Parrot not just did just this, he did it all within 2 weeks!! – TripAdvisor approved and posted 5 FAKE reviews which were the first 3 chapters of “War and Peace” and totaling a quarter of a million words.


Ask yourself, if this overly obvious “taking the piss” fake review passes through TripAdvisor’s extremely sophisticated fraud detection system, how reliable is TripAdvisor? –  haha I mean c’mon, they approved and posted the 1st three chapters of War and Peace as reviews !! ….


>> click on the novel, or reviews as TripAdvisor assumed for larger size


Shoalstone Seawater Pool Cafe



TripAdvisor blunder


HAHA!!… SURE you can trust TripAdvisor


After Note : we contacted TripAdvisor about this very embarrassing blunder on their end, and asked them for their side of the story ( or excuse as we call it ) They replied with the following :

” This is extremely rare, we have THE state of the art fraud detection system.



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