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TripAdvisor 100% Fake Reviews

TripAdvisor Review Specialists put to shame by TripAdvisor Warning

Italy fines TripAdvisor €500,000 (£392,000 / US$600,000) over false reviews – It is very clear that TripAdvisor has no way of detecting fake reviews and / or damaging lies.   Back in October 2014 we were contacted by Giovanni who claimed to be working for the Italian Watchdog and kindly asked us to post 3 what we call “Opinion Reviews” [ all positive ] for 3 different Italian establishments . Other than the reviews themselves, all the info and details about establishments were provided. We GLADLY got started…. On October 3rd we posted 1 review, and on Oct….


Greedy and Unethical if you believe TripAdvisor

  YES I did agree to your Terms and Conditions, and YES I did know there was a non refundable ONE Night fee in your cancellation policy, however I only booked 12 hours ago, I now need to cancel.. If you don’t give me a FULL refund, I will post horrible REVIEWS on TripAdvisor, and will have my friends & family do the same…   TripAdvisor claims, and would like YOU to believe that they offer reviews you can trust. In reality they offer the worlds largest uncontrolled platform where anyone can create as many profiles as they wish, and start posting invalidated…

TripAdvisor Monkey Rape

TripAdvisor and Rape

  Rape is a VERY serious crime, and is definitely not a laughing matter. Being accused of rape and / or any sexual crime can have severe and devastating consequences. The exact same can be said about someones business / livelihood being accused as a a rape scene, or a scene to any serious crime.  All it takes is one fake malicious and completely invalidated review to be approved and posted on the internet… You are fucked!!

Oscars Fake Resturant

Oscars the fake Restaurant and Reviews listed on TripAdvisor

  A new seafood restaurant in the glass bottomed hull of an old fishing boat amid reefs and shipwrecks in Brixham, Devon, UK. A restaurant where divers would take your order and while you wait, they would go out and catch your dinner… Far fetched??  HAHAHA.. YEAH!! – But there is always a sucker that falls for this stuff, and YES the sucker was  ( in their words ) the travel site you can trust… TripAdvisor!! – And to make things worse ( in their words ) the Reviews you can trust were ALL FAKE, all 10 of them.. 

soldier-crying because of TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor destroys veterans livelihood

While Stephen Kaufer and all his office monkeys are trying to persuade the world they have sophisticated filters and a load of specialists to weed out fake reviews, others are on the front line fighting and risking their lives for our country and freedom.   Can YOU imagine putting your life on the line for your country, to make it a better place?. Can YOU imagine getting dropped in the middle of a war zone? Can YOU imagine seeing your friends and fellow soldiers getting killed in front of you? Can YOU imagine coming home missing a limb?

Stephen Kaufer Family TripAdvisor Pedophile

TripAdvisor and the Pedophile

TripAdvisor’s President and CEO Stephen Kaufer has been accused of being a Pedophile often spelt as Pedofile or Paedofile. Stephen Kaufer admitted to these accusations and was taken into custody  We do NOT know if this is true, because it was sent to us in an email from a completely unvalidated source. However just like TripAdvisor we can’t see the harm in posting comments from completely unvalidated and anonymous sources.