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Stand up against TripAdvisorEVERY business owner knows that TripAdvisor can make or / and break a business reputation. This makes it a VERY dangerous site. TripAdvisor is here for one purpose, and one purpose only.. To make money. To make money they need users, members, or what it boils down to, anyone with an email address.

Advertisers are not interested in small numbers, so TripAdvisor has to get the numbers ( YES you are just a number ) to get the money. To do this, TripAdvisor just opens up the flood gates and lets everyone and anyone register for free, hey, feel free to register 20 accounts if you like, the more the merrier in the eyes of TripAdvisor.




We are a small group of 9 people that are tired of the way TripAdvisor chooses to conduct their business, mainly because of the total lack of consideration towards “owners” in the hospitality world. We are based in the USA, Europe and New Zealand.



TripAdvisor is a very popular site among travelers, and has become a very powerful platform to post lies, and libelous comments about properties, property owners, restaurants, etc..etc.. Because TripAdvisor is such a popular site, negative reviews about an establishment can be devastating, and even put people out of business. TripAdvisor knows it is being used as a platform to post lies and libelous comments, and even used to blackmail owners, yet they refuse to do anything about it. ANYONE can join TripAdvisor and start posting lies, and why stop at just one account?.. I myself have 14 TripAdvisor accounts, that I have setup in the past few weeks, and will be adding a lot more in the coming days… (actually the most difficult part is coming up with new email addresses.)

Posting lies and libelous comments on TripAdvisor is as easy as 123, there is absolutely no validation of the reviewer. This is becoming a huge problem for hotel owners, and TripAdvisor just shrug their shoulders. 100′s if not 1000′s of hotel owners have requested to be completely removed from TripAdvisor, TripAdvisor refuses. As an owner or manager of an establishment you can report an issue to TripAdvisor, but you only have 200 characters, so good luck on that one!!… 200 characters, to try and explain that the person who has just told the world that your hotel is infested with rats, never actually stayed at your establishment, and more than often got paid by competition to post negative comments about you. I know someone that gets paid $15 per review posted good or bad!

We believe that a site that has such a damaging effect on the industry should at least have some form of validating both owners, and reviewers.. There are various and easy ways to validate users to put a near stop to libelous postings.. So, ask yourself, why doesn’t TripAdvisor enforce this?.. The answer is because although the quality of the site will sky rocket, the quantity of users will drop, and all TripAdvisor is interested in, is numbers, numbers for marketing purposes.. saying they have 100 million ( in-active) members sounds a lot better than 1 million active members.


Now What?

TripAdvisor has been around now for 10 years, and it is as easy now to post libelous and fake reviews. as it was 10 years ago. TripAdvisor is aware of this, but refuses to make changes. We know that others have tried to get TripAdvisor to look closer at the way reviews are being approved and posted, but they refuse to do so, so we are going to take another approach..

We are going to show how easy it is to post Lies and Libelous reviews.. by doing it!!…
We will keep track of what we post, both positive reviews and negative reviews.. After the reviews are posted on TripAdvisor, we will contact the owner of the establishment, with written proof that we posted the review, and that we have never stayed there. If TripAdvisor does not remove the Review, we will contact them ourselves. We will also be posting our reviews using every possible means, such as websites, blogs, Social Networking sites, forums and lots more.


What we hope to achieve ?

We have nothing against the TripAdvisor concept, but it is being used for the wrong purposes, and TripAdvisor is doing NOTHING about it.. All we want, is for TripAdvisor to verify EVERY user on their site. Make it very difficult for people to create unlimited accounts, and make it so that every reviewer has been verified to be who they really are.. Verifying users is an easy thing to do, and it will put a near end to all the site abuse.